Friday, April 29, 2016

Cover Girl: TruNaked Palettes REVIEW & SWATCH

The Covergirl TruNaked Palette are some of the products to come from this drugstore brand. For reviews and swatches the Goldens, Roses, and Nudes palettes, then read this article. 

I’m back with a new post. Again, I didn’t know what to write, but then I remembered that I had all three of the Cover Girl TruNaked Eye shadow Palettes in Nudes, Goldens, and Roses.

I actually had these in my collection for awhile, but I just now got around to using them. I actually don’t wear a lot of neutral, soft, or natural looking makeup; I had originally bought them to be used on clients.

According to the Covergirl site, the stated retail price is $11.49 USD, but the site also states that the price will vary depending on where you get it. These palettes are available at Walmart and Target to be bought in-store. Mine came off Ebay where I got all three around $20.00 USD with a coupon, which is a good deal.

The pigmentation and quality of these shadows is probably the best that I’ve seen in a long time in the drug-store range. When I say this, I’m comparing to not just other drug-store brands, but also high-end brands that I have had the experience of using. The mattes aren’t chalky and the shimmers and metallics aren’t patchy. Usually, I recommend laying another shadow first and then putting a shimmer over top to get a more opaque look, but you don’t really need to with these as long you use a primer. I personally think they go on better than some of my Tarte eye shadows. They’re also pretty soft to the touch with the non-mattes having a sort of satin feel and the mattes having a slightly drier feel, but still feeling very smooth. Sometimes with more pigmented shadows they have a dry, gritty feel to them, but these don’t have that.

My first thought when I saw these palettes was that these would be good, cheap alternatives to the Naked 1, 2, and 3 palettes by Urban Decay. These are not exact dupes nor do they have as many colors, but if you want a palette with similar colors and finishes without dropping 50 dollars on a palette, then this would be a decent alternative. The TruNaked palettes’ fit right in my hand, but each palette has a pretty decent selection of colors with 8 shadows per palette. That’s good if you want soft, blended looks. However, each palette does have a different variation of finishes.

The first is the palette in Nudes, which is a half matte and half shimmer palette. This would be considered your typical neutrals palette, but it has the most versatility of the three palettes because it has a good balance of matte and shimmer. 

The first time I used this palette when I was doing my makeup for a banquet that I went to earlier in the week. I have very hooded lids, so I tend to steer clear of using eye shadows that have shine or sparkle, except to highlight my brow bone and inner corners. With this palette, I was able to achieve a soft (what I would consider soft) and blended neutral eye because of the larger selection of colors and how easy they blend.

Most of the Goldens palette is made up of shimmers and metallics with only two matte shades. If you look closely, Crème has some sparkle to it, but it’s really a matte shade. The shade blends right into my skin and the sparkle is what makes it more visible on camera because it’s reflecting light. I noticed that a few shades in the palettes look like they have subtle shimmer, but it’s only on the top layer. Once you rub the first layer away, it’s completely matte. Also like the name suggests, the shades have more gold tones, they’re a lot warmer than the Nudes palette.

This palette is great if you like doing metallic eye looks; the swatch doesn’t really do the metallics justice. These were swatched under sunlight to show how rich the color was, but my camera seems to have dulled some of the shine down. This is what they look like without the use of an eye shadow primer they’re that pigmented. Originally, I didn’t think I would get a lot of use out of this palette because there was only two matte shades, but I did eventually find a use for the metallic shades. While I hate using anything non-matte as an eye shadow, I’m a sucker for it as an eyeliner. What I would do to create a metallic eyeliner look is create my shape with an eyeliner and then set the liner with the shadow or even apply the shadow wet with an angle brush. If you really want to get the full potential of a metallic or shimmer shadow, apply it wet. I also use it as a lipstick topper or dab it in the center for when I want to do a metallic lip look.

Now, the Roses palette has varying degrees of shimmer with less metallics and three matte shades. The color selection ranges from soft pinks and dusty roses to mauves and plum shades. Like Crème from the Goldens palette, Copper Rose and Almond appear to have subtle shimmer when you first get the palette, but once you wipe the first layer away, they’re completely matte.

The palette is definitely for those that like their soft pink and rose gold eye looks; you can definitely do a purple smokey eye with the darker shades in this palette as well, if you don’t mind the shimmer. For me, this particular palette will probably get the least amount of use because I’m not into pink or purple eye makeup. It’s a pretty palette, but I just don’t find pink or purple to be all that flattering on my skin. It has the potential to look like an eye infection or a black eye - Copper Rose looks like a burn mark on my skin.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these palettes, they’re pigmented and blend well, and each one has a good selection of colors. If you want something similar to the Naked 1 though 3 palettes, then I would get these. I wouldn’t call them dupes for the Naked palettes, but they’re good, cheap alternatives, if you want a palette with similar colors.