Friday, April 22, 2016

NYX Cosmetics: Wicked Lippies REVIEW & SWATCH

The NYX Wicked Lippies are lipsticks with a metallic finish that come in 12 jewel tones. For reviews and swatches of shades 'Trickery,' 'Wrath,' and 'Power,' then read this article.

The day I was writing this, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write for my first post because I had just made my blog the day before. Being a makeup junkie, I knew I just wanted it to be a beauty blog. Now, I had woken up with a really sore throat (I don’t know if sore is the right term cause it felt like I had swallowed a cactus) and it hurt so bad that I couldn’t talk. Being that it was a couple weeks before finals and was going to be nothing but review for my physics class that I was supposed to go to that day, I had decided to just stay home.

That morning, I had gotten a package from Ulta with some lipsticks, the Wicked Lippies by Nyx Cosmetics. For some that may not be familiar with this particular product, the Wicked Lippies are lipsticks with a metallic finish that come in 12 jewel tones. They cost six dollars each, but I had gotten them for a buy 2 get 1 free deal.

I had gotten them because lately I’ve been having a thing where I want to wear metallic makeup. This is unusual for me because I’ve only been interested in matte products since becoming interested in makeup; I wear some crazy makeup, but always matte. I have seen matte liquid lipsticks with metallic finishes from companies such as LA Splash, Kylie Cosmetics, and other companies, but they’ve just never peaked my interested until now. I didn’t want to drop a lot of money on buying a higher end metallic lipstick, just in case I suddenly didn’t like it anymore. I also wanted to buy more than one to swatch, so I went with a cheaper alternative.

Now, I had gotten 3 out the 12 shades. I saw that half of shades offered were variations of blue, green, and purple, and the other half were your more typical metallic colors such as gold and silver. I had gotten what I thought would be the more wearable, everyday shades.

When I tried them on, they applied very smooth on the lips (they have a satiny feel - not drying) and they’re very pigmented and opaque. My one concern (not really a concern, more of a pet peeve) with metallic or shimmery lipstick is sometimes the coverage would be more sheer. It would just look like you had shiny, tinted lips, but I didn’t really see that issue with the Wicked Lippies.

Swatches of Wicked Lippies under different types of lighting. Indoor lighting (Left) and Outdoor Lighting (Right)
The first shade I had gotten is called Trickery, which is a really dark olive or a camo green with a gold reflect and is probably one of the darkest shades offered. This is one I can see myself wearing as a daytime lipstick because I do wear a fair amount of dark lips. Dark green is one of my favorite lipstick colors to wear, but I have yet to wear a shade like Trickery.

The second shade is called Wrath, which is a true copper color, it reminds me of pennies. This is my favorite of the three because it is such a vivid color. It can be considered a close dupe for some of the higher end lipsticks such as the Perlees lipstick in shade Penny by Lime Crime. The limited edition Dia De Los Muertos Lip Lustre in Guadalupe by LA Splash is another lipstick that this can possibly be a dupe for. According to, Wrath is also considered a dupe for one of the recently released metallic lipsticks in shade Reign by Kylie Cosmetics.

The third is called Power, which looks like a dark pink with a purple shimmer (or at least that’s what I was getting when I swatched it). This is probably my least favorite of the three because pink is already my least favorite shade, so it’s different from what I typically wear. I don’t usually find pink to be a very flattering color on me and I also have difficulty finding one that does flatter me, but I actually kind of like this one, it’s growing on me. As a pink, it’s dark enough for my liking, but it’s a little on the sheer side compared to the other two, especially along the edges of my lips. I think you would need a lip liner with this shade, but I would still recommend it.

Overall, I would recommend this product to those who like metallic or really shimmery lipstick, but don’t want to break the bank. I’m definitely going to pick up more of these colors, so if you want to see an updated swatch or a list of dupes, let me know in the comments.