Friday, May 20, 2016

Too Faced: Born This Way Foundation REVIEW

Born This Way Foundation is a medium-to-full coverage (yet natural-looking) foundation from high-end brand, Too Faced. For the full the review, then read this article. 

I'm back from a trip to Durham with this week's post, which is a review of the Born This Way Foundation by Too Faced. The day I was heading home, I had stopped by Sephora at the mall and got color matched for the Born This Way Foundation in shade Pearl, which is the lightest shade in the gold tones.

The reason why was because I usually use the Lorac POREfection in Fair (PR1), which is a little too light (and by light, I mean white) for my skin. It's not noticeable in photos, but face-to-face, my face looks an unnatural shade of almost stark white. This is partially on purpose, I usually pick up the lightest shade to make my makeup more prominent and to exaggerate how colorful or how dark it is, and I like to look paler than I really am. However, I also have trouble finding foundations that match my skin because while I'm fair in complexion, I have yellow undertones. I pretty much wanted a second foundation that matched my skin for light makeup days and for daytime use.

The great thing about the Born This Way Foundations is that while it does have colors for cool tones, it mostly has colors that are yellow-based. This foundation is medium to full coverage, but it's a more natural-looking coverage, so it looks more like your actual skin and not like you're wearing pounds of makeup.

At first, I was wary about this foundation because I've heard quite a few stories (moreso than any other foundation) of people trying this product and either they had a bad breakout or had a skin reaction. I did expect for my skin to break out some because this is a new product that I've never used, so I expected my face to react to a foreign substance as it should, but so far I haven't had a reaction to it or any bad breakouts.

There is one major setback to this foundation and that is it will oxidize and turn orange. Now, this is what happened to me. I know some don't and some people do have this problem with this foundation . I've personally never had a foundation turn orange on me before until now. The main issue I have with foundation is separation or it breaking down because I have oily skin. I did try some different methods to see if I could prevent it from oxidizing. I've found that using a combination of an oil-free and a silicone based primer and setting it with loose translucent powder and finishing spray helped delay it. I also tried mixing the foundation with my cooler foundation colors to see if it would diminish it a little a bit and it actually made it WORSE. Instead of it gradually changing color over the course of a couple hours, it turned orange as I applied it. It is a possibility that it could be the products I'm using or it's reacting to my actual skin, but I'll figure it out.

This is a foundation that I recommend you try out first before buying. Get it done at the store and walk around for a few hours to see if it changes color. If it's one those foundations that does oxidize and changes colors on you, if you are able to, try going one to two shades lighter than your actual shade and see if that helps. Aside from that particular issue, the foundation actually did look pretty natural and provides great coverage. I would recommend it, if it weren't for the oxidation issue.

I'm going to tinker around with it some more and see if I could find something that works, and possibly do another post on what I've found. If it keeps turning orange on me, I'll find another use for it.