Saturday, May 21, 2016

Too Faced: Cocoa Contour Kit REVIEW

The Original Cocoa Contour is a user-friendly contour and highlight palette from high-end brand, Too Faced. For the full review, then read this article. 

I got a second post this week about the Cocoa Contour Kit by Too Faced. I thought I do a review on it because I know a couple months ago, Too Faced released another version of it called Cocoa Contour Deep for people of darker complexions, so I thought I break out my Original Cocoa Contour Kit.

Now the Original Cocoa Contour is a palette I've only had since around Christmas. Around the time of release, it was one of a few contour palettes catered towards people of lighter complexions without it being what I call an MUA styled palette where there's more than one set of contour and highlight shades in one palette for different undertones. As tempting as those types of contour palettes, I know I wouldn't get much use out of it because I don't contour all that often. Plus, I would only be able to use one set of highlight and contour shades that work for my skin color. With the Cocoa Contour Kit, you would be able to utilize every part of this palette.

This palette has two contour shades, Medium and Dark Cocoa, and two highlight shades, Light Cocoa (matte highlight) and Pop of Light (shimmer highlight). This palette also comes with a small angled brushed that's really good for creating your contour.

Medium Cocoa (Top) and Dark Cocoa (Bottom)
Medium Cocoa is a muted brown - this what I would use for more natural looking contour. Dark Cocoa looks more like a bronzer shade because it is a warmer color, but honestly I've seen people contour with bronzer and warm colors, and not just cool colors. 

There was a debate on whether you could use warmer colors to contour. Some people like to adjust their contour colors to the undertones in their skin, or cool colors just look too harsh so they use warm shades. I personally use both because I don't care as long as it's not too dark for my skin. I've used Dark Cocoa a couple times in combination with Medium Cocoa and it looks fine as long your blending is on point. If you're looking for something that's cooler in color, then I would skip on getting this palette.

Light Cocoa (Top) and Pop of Light (Bottom)
Light Cocoa you would use to highlight the high points of your face and to redefine your contour. I found that this is one of a few palettes where I was able to use the highlight shades provided. Most contour palettes (single person use palettes, not MUA style palettes) I've come across usually have highlight shades that are too dark for people of fair complexions. I have a bit more warmth to my skin, so I can sometimes get away with using a yellow highlight, if I mix it with a translucent or a white powder - but it depends on what color makeup I'm wearing.

Pop of Light is a shimmer highlight you can use to add life and sparkle to your face by applying strategically in areas you've highlighted with Light Cocoa. This was probably the more disappointing aspects of the palette for me, I was expecting something more shimmery for the face. It packs pigment (it just happens to blend into my skin) with noticeably big specks of glitter when you look at it in the palette. I use this more for body highlighting like on the neck or across the chest because of it being more glittery.

And that's all there is to the palette. This is actually my favorite contouring palette because it's more user friendly and the shades are more natural looking and subtle. Some contour palettes I've seen are just like BAM! PIGMENT! and then you end up with a brown mark on your face that you spend a long time trying to blend out. It also smells like chocolate because cocoa powder was used in the making of this contour palette.

Keep in mind, if you have really sensitive skin, scented products (like this one) might irritate your skin so test it out first.

Otherwise, I recommend this contour pallet for those of lighter complexions. It's user friendly and easy to blend with more subtle shades so you're not as likely to overdo it, which would be the case for a lot of other palettes.