Friday, June 10, 2016

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Skin Frost Highlighter REVIEW & SWATCH

The Skin Frost Highlighters are one the newest products to launch from the indie brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. For reviews and swatches of the Skin Frost in shade Mint Condition, then read this article. 

So today, I've gotten one of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Skin Frost. If you had read my post from last week about Jeffree Star's Beauty Killer Eye Shadow Palette, then you know I had gotten one of the Skin Frosts the day of the launch on Jeffree's website after the site crash. If you're one of those people that keep up to date on this brand (which I'm sure a lot of you do), then you know he currently has four released shades of the Skin Frosts: Ice Cold (white), Peach Goddess (pink), King Tut (bronze), and Mint Condition (green).

Now, I love some crazy colors, so can you guess which one I got? Yep, I got Mint Condition. I love the mint green glow it gives me, it gives me mermaid vibes. My favorite makeup combination is layering this highlighter for maximum glow on my face with black lipstick and thick, matching eyeliner because I like the contrast of the darkness with this unnatural green glow that's almost.... ethereal? (extraterrestrial? One of those words...).

Anyways, this highlighter is such amazing quality and is crazy pigmented, you don't need a lot of product to glow like the sun. I was trying to see if I could do a subtle glow, but I had a hard time picking up just a little product for it to be subtle (I know... me trying to be subtle with a green highlighter is kind of ironic) so this might not be for everyone unless your intention is to blind people.

Elf's Baked Highlighter vs. Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Skin Frost Size Comparison.
Also, the compact is HUGE. It's literally the size of the palm of my hand and you get a lot of product. Each Skin Frost contains 15 grams, which is about the size of three highlighters - standard size being 5 grams. This runs retail for $29.00 USD, which is a really great price cause that's around what you would pay for 3 drugstore highlighters considering the sheer size of these Skin Frosts.

If you have the possibility of getting one, get it. It's one of the best highlighters on the market right now and so worth the money.

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