Friday, June 17, 2016

IPSY Glam Bag UNBAGGING: June 'Rebel Rebel' 2016

IPSY is a beauty subscription service that sends you an assortment of four to five beauty items in a cute, decorative bag for $10.00 USD. To see what came in the June 2016 Glam Bag, then read this article. 

Anyways, It's time for another unbagging of Ipsy's Glam Bag for June. As I'm not a video blogger, I have to look at and photograph everything before writing my post up, so I can already tell you that overall I'm really liking this month's bag. I normally don't like the summer glam bags because the items tend to be summer oriented and I'm not about that life, but I'm really liking this one.

First, we're going to look at the bag. This month's theme is 'Rebel Rebel,' so the bag has a graffiti-style print. I thought I liked last month's bag, but I like this one even more. For me, this is the stand-out and probably one of their best-looking bags. I usually find the bags to be too girly or kind of blah, but I love the print and it's very colorful.

The first item in the bag is from one of my favorite affordable brands and it's the Crème Gel Liner in Swerve by Colourpop. This brand sells each eyeliner shade in both a gel pot and retractable form - the retractable being the cheaper of the two. I already own Swerve in the gel pot and the one from Ipsy is retractable. 

While I own mostly pencil liners, I really like using a retractable because they're already shaped for thin lines and you won't catch the rough edge like you might with a pencil liner. They're my favorite type of liner to use for the waterline because I can get a clean application without the product getting caught in my lower lashes. Swerve is also one of my favorite black eyeliners because it's pretty pigmented and easy to apply. It's not as black nor has the same staying power as the 24/7 Pencil Liner in Perversion by Urban Decay, but if you need a good quality, cheap black liner, then this would be one I'd recommend.

The next item is from Japonesque and it's the Solid Brush Cleanser Gentle Goat-Milk Cleansing Balm. I've been meaning to get a brush cleaner for a while now, but have never gotten around to it. I normally use baby oil to loosen up caked makeup, then clean my brushes out with water and Dawn Dish Soap. 

Like the name suggests, the Solid Brush Cleanser is a container filled with solid soap. What you would do is wet your brush and give it a swish in the Brush Cleanser then wash and rinse out your brush to clean. The primary ingredient is, in fact, goat milk, which is supposed to condition your brushes to keep them looking new. I personally find it to be a bit of an overkill because brushes don't require the same treatment as your human hair and skin do, so using a conditioner or even acne cleanser is not necessary (not to mention a little expensive). Doesn't mean I won't use the hell out of this though.

Next item is a sample eyeshadow in shade Matt Kumar from the Meet Matt(e) Trimony Matte Eye Shadow Palette by The Balm. Matt Kumar is a matte burgundy shade, which I love any shade of red eye makeup. It's pigmented and has a nice smooth texture. 

This shade comes from the Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette, which judging by the name is supposed to be like a special occasions palette that is all matte finishes. It has quite a few shades that are variations of orange and red, leaning more towards warm colors. If you prefer matte eyeshadow, I would check that palette out and their other palette called the Meet Matt(e) Nudes.

Next in the bag is the Baked Highlighter in shade Bellissima by Dirty Little Secret. I'm normally not a fan of baked highlighters because they tend to feel quite dry and can be a bit of a pain to get enough product to show on my face. This still feels a bit dry, but it has a pretty soft texture for a baked product and I was able to easily pick up product with my finger (my highlight tool of choice). 

When swatched, Bellissima is a soft pink shade - I think of a pink ballet slipper when I look at this color. It's pretty shimmery, but not Jeffree-Star-Skin-Frost shimmery where it's almost like you have a piece of the sun on your face, it's more like a sheen so it adds a pinky glow to your skin. You can layer and build with this for a more color and shimmer because it's pretty hard to see on my skin with one layer because the color is so subtle, but it's great for those that want more natural looking highlighter.

Now the last item is the Fiber Mask Set by BioRepublic Skincare, which is a brand that takes the best of Korean Skin Care and combines it with American ingredients to bring you high-quality products. These are cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, and dermatologist tested, but not vegan. You get two different types of masks in the set, but I redeemed some of my Ipsy points for this product as well, so I had gotten three in my bag: two Cucumber Breeze masks and one Pomegranate Crush mask. 

The Cucumber Breeze is to calm stressed skin and the Pomegranate Crush is supposed to even out complexion. I will admit, I have not gotten a chance to actually use them because my skin is just freaking out right now and don't want to risk making it worse by putting a new product on it, I have heard great things about them, but I'll be sure to write a review about these in a later post.

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