Saturday, June 18, 2016

Make Up Haul: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Kat Von D, and Stila

This week's Saturday Post is going to be a makeup haul of all the stuff I bought online and in-store during the Memorial Day Weekend.

This week's Saturday Post is going to be a makeup haul of all the stuff I bought online and in-store during the Memorial Day Weekend. This post was supposed to go up last week, but I ended up pushing it back. Anyways, let's get on to the haul.

The first batch is some more Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I ordered these off their main website at their Memorial Day Weekend Sale, which was not too long after I got the Lip Tars that I had reviewed a few weeks ago (which you can check out at the link). I loved the formula and they had so many crazy colors so I couldn't resist. I picked up some already discounted $5.00 USD Lip Tars in the original squeeze tube packaging and then one in their current packaging. The colors I got were Electric Grandma (coral shade), Yaoi (hot pink shade), Authentic (bronze-copper shade), and Disintegration (mauve taupe shade). Can you guess what finish they are? Yep, they're metallic.

I don't know if I had mentioned it at some point (probably have and can't remember), but I hate pink lipstick and yet I got Yaoi. I bought it because I actually started liking hot pink lips after seeing it on Manny MUA and Jeffree Star, but I have never worn one myself so I picked this up. It's a bold color that I can get away with a lot more. You know, for the times when green lipstick might not be appropriate such as at work. I will say that whenever I wear Disintegration against my bare face, it looks kind of weird - leaning more towards looking like I have a case of cyanosis of the lips. I find that purple grays or mauve taupes can easily look like I got punched in the face, but with the right makeup (and by right makeup, I mean my too-white-for-my-skin Lorac POREfection) it looks fine. I find that colors that flatter my natural skin color don't flatter my much lighter (and whiter) foundation color and vice versa, so I have to adjust accordingly.

Morticia + Gomez, Piaf + Poe, and Samson + Delilah shown and swatched in order of mention.
The next batch is from Kat Von D and it's the Shade and Light Two Tone Blushes where I found a bunch of these at TJ Maxx for $5.99 USD each, but they normally run retail more for than $20.00 USD. I had grabbed three of the Two Tone Blushes, one of each shade that I could find in the store: Samson + Delilah, Morticia + Gomez, and Piaf + Poe. I don't really keep up to date on this brand, but what I heard was that these were pulled from stores, like Sephora, because of quality issues such as poor pigmentation, which I quickly figured out after trying out one of them in addition to some pretty negative reviews I found after that. I don't think the pigmentation is bad across the board, it's just inconsistent and underwhelming for a brand like Kat Von D. Out of the three, Morticia + Gomez had the best pigmentation while Samson + Delilah had the worst. The light shade, Delilah, almost has no pigment. I had to pack on so much product to get it show. Samson, the dark shade, I was able to get a little bit more of pigment, but not up to the standard of what I was expecting, which would be a bright poppy pink. The other blush, Piaf + Poe, was just okay in terms of pigment. I'm not mad about this product. I still got what would have been a $20.00 USD product for $6.00 USD. It's not unusable, it's just figuring out how to get the most out of it. When I wear blush, it's either super subtle to the point where it looks like I'm not wearing any or I pack on so much I look like I have tuberculosis - there's no in-between.

Pink Sapphire, Moonstone, and Citrine swatched in order of mention.
And the last batch is the Magnificent Metals Lip Gloss in shades Pink Sapphire, Moonstone, and Citrine by Stila Cosmetics. I found all three in TJ Maxx for $4.99 USD each, but they're on sale for $10.00 USD on the brand's website - a lot of their stuff is on sale right now, so I would check it out. Anyways, what attracted me to these lip glosses was - well - the word 'Metals' in the name because I really love metallic lips. However, I wouldn't really call it metallic, it just has a bunch of glitter in it, but I do really like these as lipstick toppers for that extra sparkle. I do wish it was more glittery when applied though. It looks like you're getting a ton of glitter in the tube, but you only seem to get hits of sparkle when on the lips. One thing about this product that I know that tends to annoy people is that these lip glosses are pretty sticky. I personally don't notice too much when I wear it, but when I was taking off the swatches, they were a bit of a pain to remove because the makeup wipe kept sticking and dragging the gloss up my forearm.