Friday, June 24, 2016

Sleek: Solstice Palette REVIEW & SWATCH

I'm going to be showing the Solstice Highlighting Palette by Sleek, a drugstore brand from the UK. This highlighting palette has been crazy popular lately and raved about by some of the top beauty gurus in the online community because it is such an amazing quality highlighter at an affordable price. To learn more this highlighting palette, then read this article. 

Today, I'm going to be showing the Solstice Highlighting Palette by Sleek. This highlighting palette has been crazy popular lately and raved about by some of the top beauty gurus in the online community because it is such an amazing quality highlighter at an affordable price. In fact, Sleek is a drugstore brand from the UK. Being that this has been super popular and I live in the United States, I did have to go out of my way a little to get it here from the UK because it kept saying it wasn't available to my country when I tried to order it on the main site. Before I drag this on further, let's get to the review.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the shiny gold packaging, which I really like. It's simple but very classy. The only thing I don't like about this type of packaging is that it gets dirty pretty easily. Finger prints get left all over the shiny surface and you have to clean it off - it just bugs me. When I saw reviews of this, I actually didn't recognize it at first as being from Sleek because it was gold. I've used Sleek before, but only their eye shadow palettes for which the packaging is matte black, so that's what I'm used to seeing. The palette also has a magnetic closure, which is nice and easy to open. Nothing wrong with a good ole' fashion plastic lid that clicks shut, but I'd like to be able to open the lid without breaking it clean off its hinges... which I've done a couple of times.

When you lift the lid, you can see that it comes with a built-in mirror, four highlight shades, and a small brush. The brush that comes with this palette gets the job done, but it's not really something I use. I normally take out the brushes that come with palettes to keep with the rest of my brushes, but I threw this one out because I know I'm not going to use it.

The four highlight shades are comprised of three powders and one cream. They're all very pigmented and shimmery, but before I get into more detail about the shades, just letting you guys know I lost the paper that came with the palette that labeled which shade was what so I might call a couple shades by the wrong name - please let me know if I do. I did decide to do a video swatch to better showcase the highlight shades. The video works on my end, but if it's not working for you guys, I also included a swatch picture.

Anyways, the first shade in the palette (or the last shade if you're looking at my video swatch) is the cream-based highlighter called Ecliptic. In the palette, I want to say it looks like a pink champagne shade, but it looks darker on my skin when swatched - leaning more towards being a rose gold. Either way, it still looks pretty. I would wear the cream underneath a powder highlight for a more intense glow that's more long lasting. On its own, Ecliptic is also pretty water resistant, I had taken a shower with the swatches on my arm and Ecliptic was still intact while the others got washed away.

The second shade is one of the three powder based highlighters called Hemisphere. This highlighter is one of two that has that marbled look, which I think looks cool. Hemisphere looks to be a pretty vividly colored lavender shade in the palette and when swatched. I have tried this one out on my cheek and it's very bright. I find that purple highlighters tend to be super bright and glowy because purple is often used in color correction as a brightener. However, it can depend on your skin color or where you apply because purple makeup, in general, can sometimes look like you got punched in the face. I can wear purple highlighter just fine, but purple eye shadow and lipstick are a completely different story.

Anyways, the third shade is called Subsolar. It's a light yellow shade in the palette, but it loses a lot of the yellow when swatched to where it almost looks white. I wasn't expecting much from this color, but it's just as glowy as the others. There are still hints of yellow to it, but this would be very suitable for those that are more fair-skinned.

And the last shade in the palette is called Equinox, which has the same marbled look that Hemisphere has. Equinox is an orange shade and I'm personally not too crazy about this shade. When I swatched it, I thought "Yep, that's too dark." I think Equinox would suit someone that is more tan or has a deeper complexion than I do. It doesn't look too dark on my arm, but my arm actually has color - my face does not.

This is definitely one of the most in demand highlighting palettes right now and one of the most difficult to acquire. If you're from the United States and probably any other country that's not in the United Kingdom, then you're going to have a hard time getting it. Sleek does sell their products on Amazon. They also have more than one highlighting palette that you can look into as well: the Midas and the Precious Metals palettes. When I looked into them on Amazon, I saw that the Midas and Precious Metals Palettes cost less than the Solstice Palette. On Instagram, Sleek in the comments had also said that you can purchase this palette at (which you can go to at this link).