Friday, July 8, 2016

Maybelline: Colossal Spider Effect Mascara REVIEW

I'm going to be reviewing The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara by Maybelline. To read about The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara, then read this article.

I'm going to be reviewing The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara by Maybelline. Mascara is normally not my thing and isn't at the top of the list of makeup items I immediately seek out, but I did decide to get it because I kept seeing the ad for it everywhere and it was driving me crazy, so I caved and got it.

I've actually never tried a drugstore mascara before, this is my first. I've only ever used high-end because that's what my mother buys, but this mascara definitely has exceeded my expectations and I'm quite impressed with the formula. I could say that it's better than some of the high-end mascaras on the market right now and I'll tell you why.

Now, this product's claim is that it gives you both volume and length without the work for bold, sculpted lashes that is referred to as the spider effect (or spider lashes). When I hear that, I think long, thin lashes that have been coated in way too much mascara. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've always grown up with the idea that spider lashes were a bad thing, so I do find it unusual.

This product uses a liquid latex formula, which is pretty unique and if you have a latex allergy, you should avoid it. Liquid latex is a type of rubber often used for special effects makeup that forms a sheet when dry on various types of surfaces and contours. Once dry, it'll shrink slightly to form, so it feels like a second skin. If you try to physically manipulate it after it's dry, it will revert back to original shape with limited distortion. I really like the formula because it holds a curl fairly well (though you don't really need to curl with this) and is very lengthening. It does come off pretty easily with water so it's easy to take off, but not too great if you live somewhere that's very humid unless you're like me and rarely go outside.

I like the formula, but it's the wand I'm personally not a fan of. The wand has a tapered, flexible brush with bristles on one side and flat on the other. If you've seen any of the pictures or ads for this product, then you would see that the lashes were often adhered to each other at the tips in groups, which would give you the 'spider effect,' which is achieved because of the shape of the wand. The smaller bristles is where I have an issue because so much product gets collected in them that only the very tips would be visible, so if you don't scrape some of the product off before application, it can become a smeary mess. Aside from that, it pretty much does everything that it was advertised for.

The second thing is just personal preference, I personally don't like how it shapes my lashes. Below I've included pictures of me without and with mascara. In the second and third picture, the left side are the results I got when using the tapered wand that came with the mascara and the right are the results I got using a big wand with thin bristles (similar wands would be the Smashbox Full Exposure, Too Faced Better Than Sex, and Too Faced Better Than False Lashes), which is what I normally use - all three pictures were also taken without curling my lashes. I've asked around prior to posting and quite a few have said that they prefer the left side because the eye appears more open and the lashes look longer, bolder, and more dramatic overall. The bottom lashes do look a little messy and I can feel the upper lashes hitting the hood of my eye, but the left side does look better than what I expected. However, I personally prefer the right side because I just like the look of more separated lashes, but it's a great quality mascara overall.

Lashes without mascara.

Left side achieved using tapered wand. Right side achieved using big, thin bristle wand.
Shot with hoods raised for a closer look at lashes.