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IPSY Glam Bag UNBAGGING: September 'Glamazon' 2016

IPSY is a beauty subscription service that sends you an assortment of four to five beauty items in a cute, decorative bag for $10.00 USD. To see what came in the September 2016 Glam Bag, then read this article. 

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This is going up late, but it’s that time again for another unbagging of this month’s Glam Bag from IPSY, which I really like the skincare that I got in the bag for September. I got some stuff that I’ve never gotten (or used) before, so it was quite interesting. If you’re not familiar with IPSY, then you can quickly read up on it from my unbagging from May. And just like last month’s unbagging, I will list any discount codes that each brand has at the bottom of the page.

This month’s theme was ’Glamazon’, which is all about glamour and being all done up.  Every theme has a corresponding bag design that goes along with it.

At first, I saw a bit of tribal with how the design is drawn, but the bag is glittery texture with a metallic gold design, which does coincide with the theme as being glam. I do really like this bag and IPSY has had a really strong bag game these past few months, but the bag from August’s ’Sugar Highness’ theme is still my all-time favorite though.
The first item I got is a sample size of Mattelustre Lipstick in ’Rose Naturelle’ by Pixi by Petra (or Pixi for short). This is a British brand, but you can get it in Target if you live in the United States, so I’m sure a lot of people are familar with it.

I’ve gotten FULL-SIZED Pixi products in previous bags, so getting this itty-bitty sample lipstick (that feels like it’s going to break when I try to open it) is kind of annoying. I’ve gotten at least ONE full-sized product in each bag for over a year without fail, but I got all sample sizes this month.

Lip Swatch of 'Rose Naturelle' Mattelustre Lipstick by Pixi.
Anyways, it says that this lipstick contains vitamins C and E, peptides, and hyaluronic acid with some lip plumping properties from what I’ve read on the IPSY site. This product is referred to as a ’matte-lustre’. I’m not too up on the lipstick lingo, so I ended up referring to Pixi’s main site and it did specify that this lipstick is supposed to be a demi-matte finish. In the lip swatch, you can see that it has more of a glisten (probably because I was wearing lip balm when I applied it), but overtime, it does become more matte looking without drying out the lips.

Comparison Shot of Too Faced 'Chihuahua' (Left) versus
Pixi by Petra 'Rose Naturelle' (Right).
The particular shade I got, ’Rose Naturelle,’ for some reason looks like it swatches as a lighter shade in the lip swatch picture than it does in person, so I grabbed another lipstick for a comparison shot. Also if you look farther down this post, there's a picture of me wearing this shade as well.

Because I’m very particular about the shades I wear, I didn’t think I had anything even remotely similar to ’Rose Naturelle’. It turns out I did have one that’s almost a complete dupe for it, the Melted Liquid Lipstick in ’Chihuahua’ by Too Faced. Their both nude shades, but ’Rose Naturelle’ is more rosy in color compared to ’Chihuahua’. The Mattelustre Lipstick doesn’t swatch too well on my hand as it comes across as being a bit more sheer compared to the Too Faced Liquid Lipstick, but it does apply with full color on the lips.

I do find this to be a good everyday lipstick for a lot of people because it does have a conditioning formula that makes it very comfortable for long-wear. My lips were chapped before I applied this, but this lipstick did help remedy and conceal it with ease.

The next item in the bag is the Superhero Mascara by IT Cosmetics, which is a high-end brand that I see every time I go into Ulta. I own A LOT of mascara samples from high-end brands, but this is definitely my top favorite mascara of the bunch. The results of this product that they show on the packaging is truly what you’re getting; I could not get over how good it looked. It’s very lengthening and gives tons of volume, but you’re still getting the look of separated lashes. My main problem with a lot of high-end, volumizing mascara formulas is that they tend to be heavy. They weigh the lashes down and can’t hold a curl, but this one holds a curl pretty well. Honestly, I personally don’t think you need to with this mascara.

Below, I've included a before and after shot of how this mascara looks when applied. I only did one coat without curling because I have very hooded lids. If my lashes were any longer, they would touch the hood of my eye.

Before applying Superhero Mascara by IT Cosmetics.

After applying one coat of Superhero Mascara by IT Cosmetics
without curling. 

I also like the wand because its design is similar to the long, dense bristle wands that I normally prefer, but the bristles are much shorter. It allows you to grab lashes closer to the base for thicker-looking lashes and the bristle length makes it easier to use on the lower lashes.

The third item is a sample size of the Daily Safe BB Cream by My Skin Mentor Dr. G. I’ve never used nor have ever seen the appeal of BB creams because I’ve only been a full coverage foundation user since I started in makeup. For the purposes of doing reviews, I have just now recently started trying them out. It’s one of those items that generally you need pretty good-looking skin for it to work and while my skin isn’t amazing, it’s in pretty good shape, so I did take it for a test run.

I did have high expectations for this product because it is a Korean brand that was founded by the one of the top dermatologists in Korea, Dr. Gun Y. Ahn. This is formulated for those with sensitive skin, helps fight aging and dullness, and has 30 SPF. Now, my first concern was how good of a shade match is it because the one I have is in shade fair. I’m pretty pale, but not ghostly white, and Korean BB creams can get VERY white because pale skin is a beauty standard. That normally doesn’t bother me, but sometimes I want to somewhat match for light makeup days.

A shot of myself wearing the Daily Safe BB
Cream by My Skin Mentor Dr. G.
This shade does seem to be a pretty close match as far as I can tell. It might be a tad too light, but it matches pretty well in pictures. This BB cream applies, covers acne, and handles powder REALLY well. I’m saying this because my face makeup routine is a bit different. I actually prime my face then set with powder, put on my foundation, and then I set it with another layer of powder, which helps prevent my makeup from looking oily over a longer period. My foundation can sometimes cake up when I put down that much powder, but this didn’t cake up at all; my skin looked like porcelain. There is a spot on my cheek where the BB cream was just not sticking, which is more of an issue with my face because NOTHING was sticking to that spot.

But still, did it meet my expectations? YES! I would a hundred percent recommend it because it’s such a great quality BB cream. While I do have some problem areas, they’re not that bad. If your skin is more problematic, then I would see about getting a sample to try out because this is more in the high-end price range.

The next item is a sample size of the Advanced Aloe Cream by Naked Cosmetics, which is a more natural ingredient-based brand. And by natural, I mean no talc, oils, waxes or fillers. They also use a hundred percent oxidized mica for deep, rich pigments in their makeup, but the product I have today is a skin cream from their round of skincare.

I wasn’t exactly sure if it was an actual moisturizer or just a skin cream at first because aloe (which is the base of this product) is good for relieving redness and sunburn. It’s also great for moisturizing when you have a more oily (and more acne-prone) skin type, so I just assumed and used it as a daily moisturizer. This product also contains manuka honey and amino acids in addition to other ingredients that soothes and promotes cellular regeneration for softer skin.

I don’t really like to review skincare unless I’ve used it over a period of three to six weeks, but I really like this Aloe Cream over the moisturizer I already use from Clinique. It’s a small bottle, but the product feels very thick and you don’t need a lot of product to cover your whole face. I have to be very particular about moisturizers on my face because I need something that provides enough moisture without breaking me out. Some that I have used in the past that were for those with oily or acne-prone skin had thin (or even watery) formulas that just didn’t cut it. This definitely does the job of providing enough moisture without causing me to break out. I totally recommend it and definitely will buy the full-size of this cream.

And the last item is the sample size of the Exfoliating Cleanser by Befine, which is a completely vegan and cruelty-free brand. The exfoliating cleanser is intended for all skin types and is supposed to remove impurities while naturally balancing your skin’s moisture. This contains brown sugar, almonds, and oats to remove excess oil and nourish dry, sensitive skin. Honestly, they had me at ’removes excess oil’ because my face is like an oil slick. I’m very big on exfoliating as a way of creating a smooth surface for my makeup, so I always look forward to getting products like this in my bag.

I really love this exfoliating cleanser. It smells so good (just like the brown sugar that it’s in it) without it being nauseating and this item is fragrance-free, which is great because I’m very sensitive to smells. I don’t know if it’s a fragrance allergy or a chemical sensitivity, but I don’t have much of a tolerance for them. My favorite part of this cleanser is definitely the brown sugar because unlike other exfoliants that I have used, the exfoliating agent that is the sugar granules will dissolve when in contact with water. It’s less mess to rinse off your face when you’re done.

I’m a once-a-day exfoliating type of person. In my typical skincare routine, I use a face wash right after I exfoliate because there’s always bits of granules that are still stuck to my face, but I don’t have to do that with this product. I can really feel it clean and exfoliate my skin without a lot of effort because the product is dense with granules that aren’t too coarse and I’m not too fond of the exfoliants the feel like sand. Plus, this leaves my skin feeling so soft. I would definitely purchase the full-size product.

And that’s all from the IPSY Glam Bag for September. I’ve listed any brand codes that each brand may have at the bottom of the page and if you’re interested in signing up for IPSY, you can do so at I’m sorry that this went up so late. I’ll see you soon.


My Skin Mentor Dr. G: drgxipster for gift with $55.00 USD purchase.
*Valid only in United States and Canada. One-time use only. Expires 10/30/16

Befine: IPSY for 20% off any purchase.
*Valid only in United States. Expires 10/31/16

Naked Cosmetics: IPSY30 for 30% off individual and regular priced items.
*Expires 10/31/16

Pixi by Petra: no code.

IT Cosmetics: no code.