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IPSY Glam Bag UNBAGGING: October 'Black Magic' 2016

IPSY is a beauty subscription service that sends you an assortment of four to five beauty items in a cute, decorative bag for $10.00 USD. To see what came in the October 2016 Glam Bag, then read this article. 

It’s that time of the month again for the unbagging of the October Glam Bag from IPSY. I got a couple full-size products this month, but this selection is somewhat similar to last time. 

Because of Halloween, the theme for October is Black Magic. To coincide with the theme, the bag has ouija boards and witch-themed items printed all over the bag. I think this month's bag is super cute. My favorite feature of this bag is the ghost-shaped zipper because on one side the ghost has heart eyes. 

For October, IPSY collaborated with Valfre, an offbeat artist, who designed this bag. Valfre also owns an LA-based label with its own online shop with everything from clothes and accessories to greeting cards.

The first item is a sample size of the Noyah Cosmetics Natural Lipstick, a natural ingredient-based brand. This claims to be long-lasting and moisturizing with a demi-matte finish formula containing shea butter and vitamin B. 

IPSY subscribers would be getting one of two shades, but the one I have is a deep berry shade, Currant News. This shade photographs and looks red in the tube, but I’ve noticed that under certain lighting, it can look purple. 


Comparison swatch of NYX 'Bewitching'  (left) and 'Aphrodisiac' (right), 'Transylvania' Soft  Matte Lip Cream
(bottom), and Noyah Cosmetics 'Currant News' (middle).
For comparison, I used Simply Vamp Lip Creams in Aphrodisiac and Bewitching, and Soft Matte Lip Creme in Transylvania by NYX Cosmetics. You can see that while Noyah’s shade is red, it does have what looks like hints of purple when compared to the other three shades. Of the three, Currant News bears most resemblance to Transylvania, which is a violet shade.
Honestly, this is a nice lipstick, but I don’t care for this specific lipstick because of personal preference. The formula is pigmented, comfortable, and can last eight-plus hours no problem, but it looks a little streaky towards the center of my lips. Another issue that I have is that the formula is so creamy that when you press your lips together, the product will move. To help combat that, I do recommend wearing a lip-liner and possibly blot away some of the product so it sits better on the lips. But I don’t like it because I don’t like the shade and finish, I just don’t care for deep berry shades and demi-mattes.

The next item is a full-size Ciate Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner. This is a black liquid liner with a felt tip pen applicator, insanely easy to use and great for beginners, but the tips will wear out over time. 

Comparison between Bobbi Brown 'Blackest Black' ((top) and  Ciate Fierce Flicks (bottom).
You may not be able to tell in the swatch, but the liner applies as a darker shade of black than the Bobbi Brown Ink Liner in Blackest Black. It doesn’t bleed on the inner corner during application, but if you have hooded lids like I do, it will be the first place that starts to transfer. Fierce Flicks does seem to dry to a mostly matte finish, which I know some prefer matte - I personally don’t care. When it comes to longevity, I can’t really say much. My eyelids are very oily, most eyeliners transfer within four hours and that’s with setting powder to help seal it in place. This had started to transfer around six hours, which beats most of the liners in my collection.

The third item is the Lottie London Perfectly Precise Eyeshadow Brush. This brand’s focus is selfie-ready beauty with bold shades, quirky accessories, and metallic tattoo transfers inspired by their favorite bloggers and internet celebrities. At first, I thought the brush was just a smudger because it has short, dense bristles, but it’s actually part smudger and general eyeshadow brush. It’s really cute with black and pink dip-dyed bristles that’s super soft to the touch.
I had gotten a chance to use this brush for a look I had done over the weekend. Normally, I would use a general eyeshadow or flat brush to apply color to my entire lid. This part of the process is one that I find incredibly annoying because it takes lots of product to get an even application. There’s normally patches or it doesn’t go on opaque and I have to go back over with more product. I’m aware that I could use a matching or white base. But unless it’s a look that involves bright, neon colors, I won’t use a white base and I don’t own a corresponding base for certain colors in my collection. For the makeup look, I had done a red lid, the hardest color for me to get an even lid application. The brush was actually able to pick up enough product for me and apply it for a completely even application in one go with ease.

Next item is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation in R230, an incredible high-end brand in Sephora. I don’t like getting products that require shade matching from makeup subscription services because there’s a good chance of error. They do have a general idea of what color range you’re in from the profile you fill out when you sign up, but it’s not always a good or even a close match. This foundation is supposed to provide lightweight, invisible coverage that dries and lasts all day without the need for setting powder. Sounds promising and my expectations for this product are high.

After a trial run, I can say that it’s the wrong undertone. R230 has cool undertones and I have warm undertones. I’m pale enough to where I can get away with wearing some cool-tone foundations. But because I also have dark hair, it can make me appear flat-looking so I adjust my makeup accordingly. The foundation is also too dark for me. It’s not freakishly dark, but if I had a summer shade, this would be it. Below, I've included a before and after of me wearing the foundation. 

Before applying foundation.
After applying foundation.
Depending on application tool, it can range from sheer to full coverage. I wanted full coverage, so I used a foundation brush as directed. Finish-wise, it’s very natural looking - leaning towards matte but not flat-looking. When it comes to coverage, my top concern is that a foundation should be able to conceal my huge pores and this does so with little effort without creating a mask of makeup. You can somewhat see blemishes and some redness, but it provides enough coverage for my more problematic areas while still being light enough to let my freckles show through, which gives it a more skin-like look. 

The brand did claim that this foundation does not require setting powder. Maybe others can confirm that claim, but I went ahead and set mine with powder before going on my way to see how it held up against my oily skin. Normally, my whole face is an oil slick in less than six hours, but after wearing the Ultra HD for eight hours, little to no oiliness was present whatsoever. 

And the last item is the Elizabeth Grant Green Power C Hydrating Cleanser. Founder, Elizabeth Grant, was a makeup artist that suffered a skin injury during World War II. Working with her chemist husband to recover the condition of her skin, they discovered a blend called Torricelum. The blend renews skin by increasing lipid production and fights the major signs of aging, which is the base of their skincare line. This particular product contains vitamin C, green tea, and other superfoods to brighten the face while cleansing. It’s supposed to tone, moisturize, and wipe away excess oil leaving the skin feeling fresh and makeup-free.
Sounds like a great cleanser, but I’m not impressed with it. It may work for others, but it doesn’t do anything for me because what I was already using was working so well that my skin was almost completely clear and all the cleanser did was break me out. The cleanser is a gel-base, which I do like, but I personally wouldn’t use this product again. I wouldn’t give what I’m saying too much consideration because I’ve only been using it for two weeks, but that’s normally long enough to gauge for a reaction. If my thoughts on this product change, I’ll let you guys know.
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