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Review & Swatch | Jeffree Star Cosmetics |Skin Frost | Deep Freeze, Ice Cold, and Princess Cut

I purchased three Skin Frost shades. So while we’re still on the Jeffree Star train, I’m going to follow that post up with a review and swatch of Skin Frost shades Deep Freeze, Ice Cold, and Princess Cut.

In my previous post about the Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Holiday Set, I had mentioned that along with the lipstick set, I purchased three Skin Frost shades. So while we’re still on the Jeffree Star train, I’m going to follow that post up with a review and swatch of Skin Frost shades Deep Freeze, Ice Cold, and Princess Cut. These are three of four shades that I own as I already had Mint Condition in my collection, which I had previously done a review on.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Skin Frosts are one of my all-time favorite highlighter formulas and anyone that wants maximum glow will love these too. You don’t need a lot of product to achieve an intense highlight and considering the sheer size of these, you’re getting your money’s worth. The Skin Frosts also come in a wide enough variety of colors where each complexion has a suitable shade, and they come in crazy colors as well, which is what I’m drawn to.

Shade #01, Ice Cold

The first shade, Ice Cold, is a blinding, white shade and your classic pale people highlighter. If you're pale or want a blinding, white highlight, this would be my top pick. Another white highlighter I recommend is the Pressed Powder Shimmering Skin Perfector in shade Pearl by Becca Cosmetics, if you're willing to drop the money as it's $38.00 USD. If you were fortunate enough to get this, the Super Shock Cheek in shade Fanny Pack by Colourpop is another one I love and is very affordable. It made a comeback for the holidays and is now out of stock, unfortunately.

I’ve waited a good few months before I was able to buy Ice Cold because from when it launched to when it was bought, it had only been restocked twice. I believe this was one of the last shades to be restocked on the first round. Between the launch of the first Skin Frost shades to right before the launch of the holiday collection, every other shade had been restocked at least twice with the possible exceptions of Mint Condition and Onyx Ice.

Swatch of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' 'Ice Cold' Skin Frost.

I wasn’t able to snatch it when it launched because my top priority was to grab Beauty Killer, the eyeshadow palette. And around the time of the first restock, I had experienced card issues, so I missed it cause it sold out that same day. But after about six months, I finally got it. 

For all my pale people out there, if you maybe want to see a post on a list of good quality white highlighters from low to high-end pricing, let me know. It's not as much as big of an issue now as it was a while back, but I've noticed that not many brands carry straight-up white highlighters. 

Shade #02, Deep Freeze

The next shade is Deep Freeze, which had encountered an unfortunate accident with my nail as you can tell by the gouge mark. I’ve heard it described as a baby blue. This is one of the crazy-colored Skin Frost shades that came out right after Mint Condition. Lavender Snow, a purple shade, was also another crazy shade that came out at the same time Deep Freeze did.

Colors, like Deep Freeze, work for editorial or costume makeup, but these are colors that I do incorporate into my regular makeup as eyeshadows and shimmery toppers for lipstick. If I'm going somewhere where I don't have to look and dress proper, then I'll do a light dusting of this shade on the high points of my cheeks. 

Swatch of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' 'Deep Freeze' Skin Frost.

Deep Freeze is VERY pigmented, it’s not just high-shine and some color, you’re getting straight-up blue. For most people, it’s one of the least wearable colors to use as a highlighter as it does tend to look like a bruise, especially if you're light-skinned and go too heavy-handed. On the cheekbone, it’s a color that I would use a light-hand with and a brush that picks up just the right amount of product to deliver a light application. I personally use a tapered duo-fiber brush by Crown Brush (it's not labeled so I'm unsure of what the brush is really called), but a fan brush works as well.

Shade #03, Princess Cut

And the last shade is one of the holiday shades, Princess Cut, which is a baby pink. During Black Friday, this had been released with another Skin Frost shade in hot pink called Regina George. 

I debated on whether to grab both, but I decided to just get Princess Cut at the time because while I love a crazy color highlighter, hot pink isn't really a go-to color for me. I'll probably go back and buy it, along with Onyx Ice, if it stays in stock long enough or becomes permanent. Honestly, I'm not sure if Regina George and Princess Cut are permanent, going to become permanent, or have already become permanent because they were holiday releases. As far as I can tell, nobody seems to know, except for Jeffree. There does seem to be quite a demand for these shades though, so it's likely that they might become part of the permanent line. 

Swatch of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' 'Princess Cut' Skin Frost.

For Jeffree standards, this is probably the most subtle highlighter shade in the line. Compared to a lot of other highlighters, it’s still pretty intense, but it’s much softer in color. You’re still going to get a glow from Princess Cut, but you'll get very little color. In terms of color, it's close to being indistinguishable from Ice Cold when applied, so if you have one or the other, you don't need both. The only difference I see between Ice Cold and Princess Cut is the level of intensity in how much glow they give. 

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