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IPSY Glam Bag UNBAGGING: December 'Carpe PM' 2016

IPSY is a beauty subscription service that sends you an assortment of four to five beauty items in a cute, decorative bag for $10.00 USD. To see what came in the December 2016 Glam Bag, then read this article. 

It’s that time of the month again for the unbagging of the IPSY Glam Bag. It’s the second week of spring semester, so I’m back at university and it’s thrown my posting off, which is why this is going up so late. Anyways, December’s bag content has new products that haven’t been in my previous unbagging posts. And just like last month’s unbagging, I will list any codes that each product may have at the bottom of the page.

The theme for the December Glam Bag is Carpe PM so it’s a holiday theme, but they went with a New Year’s Holiday vibe instead of festive. The bag works for either theme though as it’s a rather simple looking bag. It’s made of faux fur that’s a festive shade of red, but it’s a mix of light reflecting and non-reflecting fibers that give it more dimension. And instead of a regular zipper, it comes with a matching red metallic strap so the bag can double as a clutch. I personally don’t like the mix of fur and metallic elements because I think if not done a certain way, it can look tacky, so this bag is a miss for me.

The first item in the bag is the MintPear Beauty Blending Sponge. MintPear’s product claim is that it’s a soft sponge that gently applies makeup with a precision that won’t crack, irritate or leave skin feeling dry or waste product. This is probably my least favorite thing in the bag. I did do a test application just doing what would be typical for me, which is full-face and coverage. It gets the job done and seems to perform just as well as my other beauty sponges, but I prefer the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques over this one. 

Like most people, I prefer a damp beauty blender because it doesn’t absorb as much product, foundation applies more smoothly, and it softens the sponge so you’re not literally beating yourself in the face. When I was wetting it, I noticed that the sponge absorbs very little water and how I can tell is because it didn’t even expand. From that observation, it can be inferred that this particular beauty sponge won’t absorb as much product either. While the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques (that I do own and 100% recommend) will expand to almost twice its original size when wet, it will soften up a great deal. Even in a dry state, it’s still softer than the one from MintPear. The Beauty Blending Sponge can still be dampened, but it doesn’t soften up. I’m not that picky about beauty sponges, but a selling point for me is how soft the sponge is or can be. As you do your makeup, you’ll find yourself “beating” that foundation or powder into your face. But when you use a hard or just a harder sponge, it can feel like you’re hitting yourself in the face. Also, this last point is purely personal preference, but I don’t like how it’s bell-shaped. It is a common shape for a beauty sponge cause it’s ergonomically made for your fingers. However, it just doesn’t seem as precise when using it around the eyes and nose because it’s not as tapered than a traditionally-shaped beauty blender. 

Next item is the City Color Cosmetics BeMatte Blush, which is one of my favorite budget-friendly brands - their shimmer shadows are AMAZING. The BeMatte Blushes are an ultra-fine powder that’s buildable, easy to blend, and comes in three matte shades: Fresh Melon (pink), Blackberry (mauve), and Guava (neutral peach). 

Fresh Melon and Guava are shades that I can see myself using, but not Blackberry - I just don’t like purple in makeup. Purple in my opinion just doesn't seem very flattering for warm-toned skin, unless you have a very light complexion. 

With these blushes, you want to use a light hand, especially if you’re fair-skinned because these are pigmented for blushes and are rather bright. The finger swatches don't seem like they're doing it justice in showing how pigmented they are, but you'll get that pigment when you use a brush. Guava looks pretty dark in the pan, but swatches as a peach shade. However, if you’re of light (and possibly medium) complexion, you can use Guava for draping as a blush-colored contour. I personally like to use Guava as sort of a like a topper for my bronzer. It helps to warm up my face without having to go overboard on the bronzer.

The third item in the bag is the Tarte Cosmetics Deluxe Maracuja Oil. This is essentially a beauty oil that contains Vitamin C and fatty acids, but it’s also multi-purpose. A few other uses for it are taming frizz, makeup removal, and soothing your cuticles. I also like to add that beauty oils are good for restoring the condition of cream-based (and possibly gel-based) makeup, so they’re good to keep around, even if you don’t use one as part of your skincare routine. Now I didn’t get around to testing every use for it, but I did see how it would do at taming frizz and nourishing my skin.

For skin, the directions say to apply 2 to 3 drops on your clean, dry face and neck every night. When testing skincare from monthly subscription bags, I like to allot at least two weeks to test it in order to get these posts up in a timely fashion before getting the next bag. But because I took so long getting this post up, I kept using them. However, I discontinued using the oil after about a week because my skin broke out so badly. In addition to the Maracuja Oil, I had tested a hydrating gel masque that I had also gotten in the Glam Bag. Not sure if both of them were too much for my skin and it caused a reaction. I have very oily, acne-prone skin, so my skin is a bit more finicky when it comes to anything that is hydrating. It started clearing up when I stopped using it so it might have been it. 

For frizz, it worked for the first few hours. I applied it in the morning and when I came back from classes at night, my hair was a frizzy mess. There definitely was a difference that I could see and feel after using it in my hair. It felt smoother and looked tamer, but it’s not something that’ll last all day.

The next item in the bag is the Privai Aqua Gel Masque, which is a botanically-based line of spa products. This facial mask contains chamomile flower to reduce redness and inflammation, azulene to shield skin from the elements, and green tea to heal pre-existing damage and reduce the look of wrinkles. It’s a mask that you apply two to three times per week, which is pretty typical for a facial mask, and then you leave it on for it be absorbed.

I love this mask because it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated without being too much for my oily, acne-prone skin, but it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my face. That’s why I like gel-based skin products. It feels like they are much more readily absorbed without leaving a layer of product on your skin, which personally feels nasty. I’m not big on using beauty oils as part of my skincare for this reason. Generally speaking, I don’t like how they feel on my skin. There are others that swear by them, but it’s not really my thing.

And the last item in the bag is the NYX Cosmetics 'Jaded' Prismatic Shadow. The Prismatic Shadows are basically foil shadows that deliver metallic shimmer. It’s a soft textured shadow that’s crazy pigmented and easy to blend. They cost $6.00 USD when you get them in the single shadow compacts, but you can also get them in the pro refill pans for $4.00 USD if you already own a Z-palette or any other magnetized makeup palette. 

Jaded, the shade I got, is a cool green that’s supposed to have a silver shift in the right light. Loved it the moment I saw it, and just want one in every color. One drawback that I’ve heard about and have experienced is that they do crease. I haven’t noticed extensive creasing because I normally don’t wear makeup for more than six hours, but I know some do.  The brand claims that a primer isn’t necessary with the Prismatic Shadows for full pigmentation. However, a primer is necessary because of the creasing. If you find the right eyeshadow primer or wear huge lashes like I do, then you should be good.

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