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IPSY Glam Bag UNBAGGING: April 'Sideshow' Glam Bag 2017

IPSY is a beauty subscription service that sends you an assortment of four to five beauty items in a cute, decorative bag for $10.00 USD. To see what came in the April 2017 Glam Bag, then read this article. 

It’s that time of the month again for the unbagging of the IPSY Glam Bag for April. This month, I had decided to update my profile to include a wider variety of products and ended up getting nail polish, hair product, and makeup. But like the March Glam Bag unbagging, I’ll include any brand codes at the bottom of the page.

To start off, the theme for April is 'Sideshow,' a dedication to those that have ever felt like outcasts. To coincide with the 'Sideshow' theme, the bag’s design was that of a ticket. It’s so cute and the first bag I’ve seen from IPSY that was created to look and be shaped like another object.

The first item is the Ofra Cosmetics 'Rendezvous' Blush, which is an internationally recognized name. 

In addition to being a beauty brand, Ofra is a leading manufacturer and one of the top beauty suppliers of many United States cosmetology schools and salons. They’ve also done collaborations with beauty bloggers in the YouTube community such as MannyMUA and most recently with NikkieTutorials, and many others are also affiliates. I’ve personally never used Ofra products before because they don’t seem to have a lot of color variety, except when it comes to lipstick, which I already own so much of. 

Ofra Blushes have a long-wearing, powder formula that can be used dry or wet for more intensity. It doesn’t swatch well because it’s a buildable formula, so don’t expect a lot of pigment to come off upon the first application.  But with the right shades, these blushes can also be used as eyeshadow or highlight. 

The shade I received, Rendezvous, is described as a soft, cool-toned rose that’s supposed to flatter all skin tones. 

Finger swatch of Ofra Cosmetics' 'Rendezvous' Blush.

At first, I didn’t see it because it just looks like a mostly matte brown in the pan, but it does look rosier once applied to the face. Rendezvous is unique compared to the blushes I already have in my collection because while I own a lot of different colors, I gravitate towards the peaches and bright pinks. For my complexion, I would only do a light application for a rosy pink. Once I start building up the pigment, it takes on more of a brown hue that I don’t find flattering on my skin.  

Next item is the Colourpop 'DTLA' Crème Gel Liner, a crazy popular (and affordable) brand with a MASSIVE color selection. 

If you follow any beauty blogger on YouTube or Instagram, then you’ve likely heard of this brand within some capacity. I’ve also covered this product in multiple posts so I won’t go into much detail. But if you want to read more about it, then you can check out my review and swatch of the Colourpop Retractable Crème Gel Liners

But to sum it up, the Crème Gel Liners are easy to apply, long-wearing, and pigmented. They’re my favorite brand of eyeliner and own several shades. Each shade comes in a gel pot and a retractable pencil form — the gel pot costing a $1.00 USD more. I LOVE the gel pots for my eyelid because once dry, they’re not going anywhere, and then I use the retractable pencils on my waterline for easy application, which is the one I was sent. 

The shade I received, DTLA, is described as a deep blackened blue (i.e. a navy blue) and is one I already own in the gel pot. It comes off as a very dark shade of blue, but when compared to Urban Decay’s ’Sabbath’ 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (an off-black blue), DTLA is noticeably lighter.

Comparison swatch of Colourpop's 'DTLA' Creme Gel Liner (top) and Urban Decay's 'Sabbath' 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (bottom).

The third item is the Meg Cosmetics 'Lovey Dovey' Twin Nail Duo, a brand that launched in August of last year, so they’re relatively new. The Twin Nail Duos are non-toxic nail polish duos that are supposed to have long-lasting formulas with high shine and coverage. 

The nail duo I received, Lovey Dovey, is a limited edition collaboration with IPSY that features a dusty nude and a blue-grey. Not wild about the nude shades in general, but I like the blue-grey. 

Nail swatch of Meg Cosmetics' dusty nude shade of 'Lovey Dovey' Twin Nail Duo.

Nail swatch of Meg Cosmetics' blue-grey shade of 'Lovey Dovey' Twin Nail Duo.

I’m not a nail addict or enthusiast — I just use whatever — but I have noticed that this formula is significantly shinier with a quicker dry time than other brands I’ve used. The longevity of the formula is debatable as there are a lot of factors that affect how long a nail polish will last on your nails. I don’t do any manual labor or any rough hands-on activities, but my nail polish still chips easily on my natural nail. From my experience, it doesn’t last any longer than other brands before it starts chipping away, but the finish is long-wearing and can take a beating.

The fourth item is the Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum, a salon brand that mostly specializes in hair care. It’s supposed to restore moisture, strengthen, and protect hair (of all types) from heat styling tools and environmental stress. 

I’m a haircare newbie as I don’t really use any sort of hair products (aside from a blow dryer) because I have short boy hair that needs very little maintenance. However, when it’s grown out (as it is currently), it’s thick and coarse, hard to style, and fried from daily abuse with heat tools. 

How you use the serum is that you would lightly disperse it by applying to the ends of your (damp or dry) hair. You may also add it to your favorite conditioner if you’d like. Whenever I used it, I found that my hair was softer and significantly tamer. Before, my hair would become gravity-defying whenever I blow dried it and have to beat it down with a flat iron. Now I just blow dry, brush it out, and I’m good to go. 

And the last item is the Peek Beauty '250K8' Eye Will Stay Naturally Long Wearing Eyeshadow, a brand that’s all about enhancing natural beauty rather than hiding imperfections. 

If you’re not familiar with Peek, then their unique packaging might ring a few bells as all their products come in these small tins brandishing the company name. Eye Will Stay Naturally Long Wearing Eyeshadow has a velvety texture with a formula that’s meant to intensify eye color. 

Finger swatch of Peek Beauty's '250K8' Eye Will Stay Naturally Long Wearing Eyeshadow. 

The shade I received, 250K8, is a shimmery bronze with sheer coverage. From what I’ve read about the brand, it was likely intended to be formulated with lighter coverage as Peek Beauty is all about natural beauty. It’s also not crazy shimmery either — it’s more like a satin finish — but it can be amped up when applied wet.  

250K8 is pretty, but it’s not what I go for as I’m more of the ’go bold or go home’ type of person. I think it would best suit those that don’t like or can’t wear a lot of shimmer such as people that have puffy or hooded lids (like myself). It’s shimmery, but it doesn’t over-exaggerate puffiness or the hood. It can literally be worn all over the crease and lid by itself for a simple eye look and still be flattering.

If you’re interested in signing up for IPSY, you can sign up at 

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