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The Original Liquid Lipstick? LipSense By SeneGence REVIEW

SeneGence International is a direct sales company specializing in long-wearing cosmetics and anti-aging skincare, but their most popular product is their patented liquid lipstick called LipSense. To learn more about this four to eighteen-hour wear, budge-proof lipstick, then read this article.

Beautiful Bodies Happy Hearts sent these products to the author of LeeNG Beauty for free for testing purposes. All opinions are the author's own. Beautiful Bodies Happy Hearts is an independent contractor and therefore cannot speak on the behalf of SeneGence International.

I was sent a package from Beautiful Bodies Happy Hearts run by Laura Sherratt, a distributor for SeneGence International, which is a direct sales company specializing in beauty products. In the world of direct sales, they’re most known for their anti-aging skincare and long-lasting cosmetics, but their best-selling product is their liquid lipstick called LipSense. It’s a four to eighteen-hour wear liquid lipstick that’s one of the top-performing being sold today as it’s budge-proof, smear-proof, and transfer resistant. 

While known brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills made liquid lipstick popular in 2011, SeneGence has been selling their patented formula since 1999 — making it one of the first (if not THE FIRST), modern-day liquid lipstick. 

What makes LipSense different from other liquid lipsticks is its application. LipSense works as a system as it's used in conjunction with one of their Moisturizing Glosses, which I'll talk more about in a separate posting. The Glosses help seal the color in place and to keep lips hydrated. In addition, LipSense must be applied in one direction in three layers (with dry time in between) to protect the color before being sealed in place with the gloss. 

For first-time LipSense users, it’s recommended that you start off with the LipSense Starter Collection that costs $55.00 USD, which comes with a LipSense shade ($25.00 USD), Glossy Gloss ($20.00 USD), and Ooops! Lip Color Remover ($10.00 USD). 

When choosing a LipSense shade, there are roughly forty colors currently being manufactured (and a total of over seventy shades still in circulation) coming in matte, shimmer, and frost finishes. Below, you can see swatches of a few shades that were sent to me and from my personal collection.

Shade #01, Apple Cider

The first shade is called ’Apple Cider,’ which is described as a warm-toned light pink with hints of tan and a matte finish. This was the product sent to me from Beautiful Bodies Happy Hearts just so I had some variation as I own almost nothing but red-pink and orange lipsticks, and not a single nude. 

Swatch of 'Apple Cider' LipSense.
Lip swatch of 'Apple Cider' LipSense.

It makes for a pretty, day-time nude for the less adventurous or those that work in a setting where they dress more conservatively. 

Shade #02, Blu-Red

The second shade is called ’Blu-Red,’ like the name suggests, it’s a fire-engine red with blue undertones and a matte finish. ’Blu-Red’ is extremely BRIGHT with an exceptionally long wear-time and applies like a dream. This was the first LipSense shade I ever tried, which put me on the road to liking reds that I used to despise.

Swatch of 'Blu-Red' LipSense.

Lip swatch of 'Blu-Red' LipSense - video screenshot

If you do or know anyone that is a cheerleader or does dance, then this is a shade I’d highly recommend, plus the long-lasting formula makes wearing this bold color during competitions a breeze. 

Shade #03, She’s Apples

And the third shade is called ’She’s Apples,’ a vibrant, red-orange with a matte finish. This is a limited edition shade that just went into circulation along with another color called Coral-Lina. Like ’Blu-Red,’ this shade is also very bright and bold, but this is one that I’m more comfortable wearing during the day.

Swatch of 'She's Apples' LipSense.

Lip swatch of 'She's Apples' LipSense.

Out of the three, this is my favorite shade as I really love orange lipstick because it’s bold and I know it looks good with my complexion.

Depending on your preference, there are a couple of drawbacks to LipSense. The first being that the application process does take some time getting used to and you'll likely mess up A LOT starting out - I still mess up sometimes as you can tell. Because its composition is different from other lipsticks, a lot of conventional makeup tricks for spot-fixing lipstick lines don't work. LipSense can only be fixed with a makeup remover, which can be annoying, if you do a full face of makeup and apply lipstick last (like I do). You really have to focus on creating your shape first.

And the second concern is the bitter taste that can potentially come with wearing it. Not all shades have it, but there’s been some I’ve tried where I’d make a face every time my tongue ran across it because it was so bitter. It's only an issue when I eat because the gloss would rub off and my tongue would come in contact with the actual LipSense. Aside from that, it's normally not a concern as long I kept my lips glossed. 

If you’re interested in purchasing LipSense from Beautiful Bodies Happy Hearts, then you can join their Facebook Group or email Laura at You can also look under SeneGence on the Direct Sales Directory Page to find a trusted distributor near you, which will soon be available for viewing.

Which LipSense shade did you like most? Comment below.

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