Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Limelife by Alcone: Make-Off Remover Spray PRODUCT LAUNCH

Limelife by Alcone has just launched the Make-Off Remover Spray, a makeup remover. To learn more about the product launch, then read this.

Image via Limelife by Alcone

On April 15th, Limelife by Alcone had launched their Fresh Picked Spring/Summer 2019 Collection featuring several new products such as the Make-Off Remover Spray. 


"Incredible makeup and skin care for everyone… 

At LimeLife, we empower people to achieve their goals and dreams and to inspire others to do the same. Our family-owned company was founded in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry. Now we are expanding our reach to help women and men everywhere look their best every day with our all natural skincare line and personalized makeup palettes. 
Be Amazing Every Day with LimeLife!"


Image via Limelife by Alcone

"Our Make-Off Remover Spray gently and effectively removes waterproof makeup from your eyes, lips and face. The oil-free formula dissolves makeup for an effortless removal without leaving a greasy residue behind."

Effortlessly remove your makeup with the whole Make-Off collection. Our Make-Off Remover Cloths are available individually wrapped or in a 30-count pop-up pack to remove makeup in just one swipe. For $18.00 USD, add Make-Off Remover Spray to your wipe to remove waterproof eyeliner, mascara, or long-lasting formulas. 

Spray a cotton pad or Make-Off Remover Wipe with Make-Off Remover Spray to gently wipe away makeup from eyes, lips, and face. Spray a cotton swab with Makeup-Off Remover Spray to quickly remove mistakes.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Make-Off Remover Spray or any other Limelife by Alcone products, you can find a registered beauty guide by going to the Limelife by Alcone website.

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