About Us

Focusing on independent brands and small businesses in the industry, LeeNG Beauty was created to be an internet platform to introduce new and small names in the beauty world.


Brains and Beauty.

Biochemistry student, Lee, is the voice behind LeeNG Beauty. Starting the journey into makeup with red eyeliner and black lipstick, Lee has always had a taste for the eccentric and is always on the lookout for the next piece of crazy colorful makeup. For this student, makeup was a form of expression and an outlet outside the lab.


Of Hispanic and Asian heritage, Lee has thick, black hair and hooded, almond-shaped eyes. Being twenty years old, Lee is fair-skinned with yellow undertones and has an oily skin type that is acne-prone, porous, and sensitive.


All products featured on this blog are based on writer's experience. Seek professional advice when you consider using any products on this blog. Lee and LeeNG Beauty cannot be held responsible for any negative impact or bodily harm inflicted while using products featured on this site.

Lee accepts PR packages, has affiliate codes and links, and does sponsor posts. Posts will always expressly disclose whether they're sponsored or if products featured were sent to be reviewed in the title OR in the first line above the post picture and at the end of a post in italics. Posts that feature products that were bought by Lee will not have a disclosure. If you would like to get in touch with Lee regarding something being sent for review, please fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page.

The following terms and condition may be changed without notice. Any concerned parties will be notified if any change has been implemented.