Blog Recommendations


Image via Rouge Rouge Makeup by Mallory Craig

Run by Mallory Craig, Rogue Rouge Makeup is a high-end makeup blog that's one of my top recommended because of the depth of her product reviews. From swatches to product comparisons, Mallory writes her articles with a level of detail that I don't find on most other beauty blogs. They're very informative with plenty of graphics but still concise and of a reasonable length. Rogue Rouge Makeup also makes a good beauty reference-point for redheads.


Image via Nerdy For My SeneSisters

As someone that's a year away from getting their B.S. in Biochemistry, I love coming across beauty blogs that get down to the science behind a product.  Nerdy For My SeneSisters is the topmost referred-to source that discusses all things SeneGence on a scientific scale. It's not just a single person, but a team of experienced scientists doing research and contributing to its content in order to provide a credible source of cosmetic science. If you have questions regarding what's in SeneGence products and their purpose, you'll likely find your answer here.