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Mikasa Beauty Essential Eye Set ($42.00 USD)
Image via Mikasa Beauty

These brushes from Mikasa Beauty have elevated my makeup game so much that I don't even touch my other eye shadow brushes anymore. Before, I used as many as twelve brushes just to do my eye makeup and have now got it down to six using these. The Essential Eye Set contains the E100 Angled Liner Brush, E230 Eye Shader Brush, E300 Blending Brush, and the E310 Pencil Brush. While I would recommend picking up a second E300 and E100 in addition to the set, but these four alone will become major staples in your collection and makeup routine.

Plus, they're well-made and affordable. If all bought separately, it would cost $47.00 USD, but you can get all four for $42.00 USD when you purchase them in the set. You can also use my code LEEGRIFFMUA25 for twenty-five percent off your purchase.