Lee has always enjoyed finding dupes because once she finds a favorite shade of lipstick, she will try to collect them all. When first introduced to direct sales, she noticed many
 consultants try to dupe their customer's favorite lipstick from selfies and pre-existing dupe posts. However, not only were there few DS beauty dupe posts existing at the time, but shade-matching can be time-consuming.

To make it easier, Lee began creating dupe lists to act as a consultant shade-matching tool containing shades from popular, known brands. Her dupes lists are created based on existing swatch comparisons (NOT STOCK PHOTOS) and makeup from her personal collection. The goal is just to make finding your favorite lipstick shade a little easier for everyone involved. Because of the lack of DS swatch comparisons, dupe lists are created about as quickly as the duped product can be acquired.


Product reviews featured on this blog are based on author's experience that may differ from your own. If needed, please seek professional advice when you consider using any products featured. Unless exceptions are made, Lee no longer accepts PR or free product in exchange for product reviews. Because of being a long-term collaborator, Maple Holistics is the only brand Lee accepts product for review.


Lee found herself creating ingredient breakdowns of various products because she loves getting down to the science of a product and due to the amounts of misinformation being spread. However, a few things to keep in mind:
1. Lee is not a doctor. She is not qualified to give medical advice.
2. Ingredient breakdowns are created based on research gathered from primary literature (i.e. published journal articles written and reviewed by experts), news articles, sources created by experts (or expert associations) and manufacturer information. Lee's posts are NOT primary literature. 
3. Ingredient breakdowns are currently not peer-reviewed. If you're a fellow scientist that wants to collaborate, please email Lee at or send a message using the Contact Me page. 
4. As new research comes out, updates may be made to published ingredient breakdown posts in order for information to remain current. If there are major changes made, the updated version will be announced and shared on all platforms. Each ingredient breakdown will have two date stamps: one at the top of the post showing when the post was initially published and another written at the bottom of the post showing when it was last updated. 


All products featured on this blog are based on the writer's experience. Seek professional advice when you consider using any products on this blog. Lee and LeeNG Beauty cannot be held responsible for any negative impact or bodily harm inflicted while using products featured on this site.

Lee accepts PR packages, has affiliate codes and links, and does sponsored posts. Posts will always expressly disclose whether they're sponsored or if products featured were sent to be reviewed in the title OR above the post picture in italics. Posts that feature products that were bought by Lee will not have a disclosure. If you would like to get in touch with Lee regarding something being sent for review, please fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page.

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