Favorite Blogs


Image via Rouge Rouge Makeup by Mallory Craig

Run by Mallory Craig, Rogue Rouge Makeup is a high-end makeup blog that's one of my top recommended because of the depth of her product reviews. From swatches to product comparisons, Mallory writes her articles with a level of detail that I don't find on most other beauty blogs. They're very informative with plenty of graphics but still concise and of a reasonable length. Rogue Rouge Makeup also makes a good beauty reference-point for redheads.


Image via Nerdy For My SeneSisters

As someone that's a semester away from getting their B.S. in Biochemistry, I love coming across beauty blogs that get down to the science behind a product.  Nerdy For My SeneSisters is the topmost referred-to source that discusses all things SeneGence on a scientific scale. It's not just a single person, but a team of experienced scientists doing research and contributing to its content in order to provide a credible source of cosmetic science. If you have questions regarding what's in SeneGence products and their purpose, you'll likely find your answer here.


Image via Skin Care Solutions

Lisa Haiden talks about all things that are skincare on her blog, Skin Care Solutions. She takes a more practical approach with her tips and provides product recommendations from different price ranges. It's informative but doesn't get too in-depth into the science behind it as the content is catered towards a general audience. Even skincare newbies will be able to follow and comprehend it. 


Image via Temptalia

With Christina Mielke as editor-in-chief, Temptalia is one of the top beauty blogs and resources on the internet. In addition to reviews and swatches galore, Temptalia also includes the Foundation Matrix, a foundation shade-matching gadget built into the site.